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2014 Honda Odyssey Automatic Rear Tailgate Kit

by autosphere on 16 Nov 2017
Last week I installed an automatic open/close boot strut kit in our 2014 Honda Odyssey and have learnt a number of things along the way that I thought I'd share in a detailed review.   The kit came from the supplier and was listed as the latest revision with an improved soft close function.  However it was missing installation instructions (!).  I had to work with the supplier for step by step instructions as the existing instructions that they had were either for the previous generation kit or not for an Odyssey and this took a bit of time. Contents of the kit   Once the instructions were sorted out, the install was fairly straight forward.  The trickiest parts of the install was feeding the wiring through the cabin, through the waterproof tube in the boot and down in to the rear boot.   Mid-install wiring mayhem First impressions: The automatic boot open/close function is super convenient!  I've always found the boot required a bit of effort to close in one go and often had to close it in two bites (once with the interior handle and then a second time pressing on the exterior of the boot to close it).  The wife also loves the extra functionality for the same reason and the hands off approach to opening/closing the boot is now something we'll be looking for in a future vehicle we purchase.      There are 5 ways to open (and close) the boot: Click on the unlock button on the remote 3 times. Use the normal unlock button. Use the supplied button next to the open/close sliding door buttons. Use the close boot button in the rear handle (only works for closing the boot). Use the foot sensor.   Other thoughts: The foot sensor doesn't work when I wear slippers however works fine when wearing sneakers. The feature that prevents the boot from closing when something physically interrupts the closing sequence requires a bit of resistance before it cancels the close.  But it works. The kit allows you to set the boot height.  Great for shorter people! The wiring is designed for a left hand drive version of the Honda Odyssey, which is sold in China so I had to extend 7 wires. The boot struts emit a high pitched hum when open which is a bit annoying when you're installing the struts but not noticeable in real life situations outside.  The manufacturer says that this hum is normal and is quieter than other products out in the market.   Overall, the negative points that I raise are a minor inconvenience that is outweighed by the awesome new auto open/close feature.  The family loves the convenience of opening and closing the boot without having physically move or lift a hand and would recommend it for anyone who owns an Odyssey.  Its definitely something that Honda forgot to include when they released the car but this kit will address that issue!

The importance of regular oil changes

by autosphere on 07 Feb 2014
  A couple of months ago, I purchased a car with an unknown service history from the auctions as we needed a cheap car to runaround in.  Upon initial inspection of the dipstick, there was no oil registering so I decided to drain out whatever was left in the sump and to fill it up with oil before starting her up to see if the motor was in a working condition. Whilst I was opening up the oil fill cap, I discovered what infrequent servicing and neglect looks like: The black, solid looking substance which is clinging to the oil cap and top of the fill hole to the motor is oil sludge.   This shot of the head of the motor shows the extent of how much sludge has infiltrated the crevasses of the motor.   Its obvious that the previous owner has neglected to service the car and that the oil that was previously in there has become contaminated with engine metals, acids and air humidity, transforming it into sludge.  This oily sludge is solid and hard to clean, which in turn can clog up vital passageways in your engine if not removed. So, remember to change your oil frequently, sticking to the factory service recommendations at a minimum otherwise you run the risk of sludging up your motor and damaging it!  
Motul Multi DCTF (Dual Clutch) 100% Synthetic - 1 Litre
Motul Multi DCTF (Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid) 1 Liter 100% Synthetic - Ester Based.
High performance Technosynthese® lubricant specially engineered for Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) gearbox type. 
Suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles fitted with DCT gearboxes featuring Double-Dry Clutch Transmission and Double-Wet Clutch Transmission design. 
Especially suitable for Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) supplied by ZF, GETRAG or BORG WARNER and used by the main car manufacturers: VW-AUDI-SEAT-SKODA (DSG or S-tronic), BMW (DKG), MERCEDES BENZ (7G DCT), PORSCHE (PDK), FORD (Powershift), OPEL (DSG), PSA Peugeot-Citroen (DCS), RENAULT (EDC, DC4), NISSAN (GR6), …. 
MOTUL MULTI DCTF is also suitable for some mechanical gearboxes requiring gear oil with very low viscosity grade such as SAE 75W.
Before use always refer to the owner manual or handbook of the vehicle.

PERFORMANCES Refer to chart. 
MOTUL MULTI DCTF is a high performance Technosynthese® lubricant suitable for a wide range of DCT-equipped passenger cars, including Dry DCT and Wet DCT design. 
Thanks to its exclusive and dedicated formula, MULTI DCTF : 
- Allows fuel economy for cars fitted with DCT transmissions by optimizing friction. 
- Provides anti-shudder performance to avoid vibrations on engine fly wheel. 
- Protects numerous gears, compact and heavily loaded. 
- Gives superior transmission response: smooth shift feeling and no torque interruption between shifts. 
- Improves DCT transmissions response at cold temperature. 
- Extends life time duration, better shear stability at hot temperature and oxidation resistance. 
- Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam. 
Before use always refer to the owner manual or handbook of the vehicle. 

  • Can be mixed only with similar lubricants. 
  • Oil change : according to manufacturer’s recommendations and adapt according to your own use. 
  • Before use always refer to the owner manual or handbook of the vehicle. 
OEM Group Specification
Audi (VAG)
G 052 178 , G 052 182 , TL 52 182 , G 052 512 ,
G 052 513 , G 052 529 , G 052 726 , G 052 798 ,
G 052 171 , G 055 532
BMW DCTF-1 ,  Part Number 83 220 440 214
BMW MTF-LT-5 ,  Part Number 83 22 2167 666
Part Number 83 22 0397 244
Citroën PSA Part Number 9734 S2
Ferrari TF DCT-F3
Fiat 9.55550-MZ-6, Tutela Transmission Gearforce
Ford WSS-M2C-936-A,  WSS-M2C-200-D2
Mercedes Benz MB 236.25 , MB 236.21
Mitsubishi Diamond Queen SSTF-1
Nissan Nissan Genuine Transmission Oil R35 Special
Peugeot PSA Part Number 9734 S2
Porsche Part Number 043 207 29 , 043 207 30 , 000 043 20 ,
Part Number 999 917 546 00 , Porsche TF 0870
Renault BOT 450
Seat (VAG)
G 052 178 , G 052 182 , TL 52 182 , G 052 512 ,
G 052 513 , G 052 529 , G 052 726 , G 052 798 ,
G 052 171 , G 055 532
Skoda (VAG)
G 052 178 , G 052 182 , TL 52 182 , G 052 512 ,
G 052 513 , G 052 529 , G 052 726 , G 052 798 ,
G 052 171 , G 055 532
Volvo BOT 341, #1161838
G 052 178 , G 052 182 , TL 52 182 , G 052 512 ,
G 052 513 , G 052 529 , G 052 726 , G 052 798 ,
G 052 171 , G 055 532
Standards Specification
Mixable with Specification
Castrol BOT 341 ,  BOT 450 , Transmax Dual
Pentosin FFL-2 ,  FFL-3 ,  FFL-4
Shell TF DCT-F3, TF 0870

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