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Motul 4100 Turbolight 10W-40 - 1 Litre
Technosynthese® lubricant specially designed for powerful and recent cars, powered by large
displacement Gasoline and Diesel engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, indirect or direct
injection, carburettor or injection, with or without catalytic converter.
Suitable for all type of fuels: leaded or unleaded Gasoline, Ethanol, LPG, Diesel and biofuels.
Compatible for catalytic converters.

  • ACEA A3 / B4
  • MB-Approval 229.3
  •  RENAULT RN0700
  •  VW 501 01 / 505 00
  • PSA B71 2300
The ACEA B4 performance requires an outstanding detergent/dispersant power and a better viscosity
increase resistance due to soot produced by Direct Injection Diesel engines (except VAG (VW, Audi,
Skoda and Seat) unit injector pump engines that require MOTUL SPECIFIC 505 01 502 00 5W-40).

The standard API SN is more stringent than API SM in terms of ageing resistance (average drain
interval increased), requires anti-oxidation properties that maintain a constant viscosity avoiding sludge
and deposits in the crankcase, anti-wear properties and dispersant power, and fuel economy benefits.

The MB 229.3 standard is more stringent than the 229.1 in terms of aging resistance (extended drain
interval: on board computer) and Fuel Economy performance: 1.2% Fuel Economy improvement
compare to a 15W-40 oil reference. The MB 229.3 standard applies for most of MERCEDES Gasoline
engines and the majority of MERCEDES Diesel engines without DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).
RENAULT has developed RN0700 standard for oils able to provide a high thermal stability and insure
an outstanding resistance at high temperatures.
In general, RN0700 standard applies for all Naturally Aspirated Gasoline engines (except Renault
Sport) of RENAULT Group (RENAULT, DACIA and SAMSUNG). The RN0700 standard applies also to
all RENAULT vehicles fitted with Diesel engine 1.5 dCi without DPF < 100 HP with oil drain interval of
20 000 km or 1 year. Before use, always refer to the owner manual or handbook of the vehicle.

PSA for its B71 2300 norm requires oil to be able to endure the most severe thermal constrains in
order to lubricate some of their Gasoline engines and some Diesel engines without DPF.

The reinforced synthetic base stock provides very high lubricating power which reduces frictions,
decreases the volatility and ensures resistance to very high temperatures reached in modern engines.
The viscosity grade SAE 10W-40 is fully suitable for recent Gasoline and Diesel engines.
Anti-oxidation, Anti-wear, Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam properties

rain interval: according to manufacturers’ recommendations and tune to your own use. Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils. Before use or if in doubt, always refer to the owner manual or handbook of the vehicle.

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