Motul RBF700 Racing Brake Fluid


100% Synthetic Racing Fluid – DOT 4 with Very high boiling point: 336°C / 636.8°F.

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  • Motul (Racing Brake Fluid) RBF 700 is a high-performance brake fluid developed to offer highly consistent and maximum braking power at the extremes of brake temperature generated by racing carbon and ceramic brakes.
  • Allows to minimize air vents of the brakes thus improving aerodynamic drag.
  • Can be used with conventional steel discs
  • Can be used for clutch systems actuators.
  • RBF 700 responds to DOT 4 standard allowing the fluid to be used for high performance road cars applications.


Extreme thermal resistance and stability:

  • MOTUL RBF 700 FACTORY LINE very high dry boiling point (336°C / 636.8°F) is superior to all conventional brake fluids DOT 5.1 (260°C / 500°F mini) and DOT 4 (230°C / 446°F mini), and therefore enables effective braking in most extreme conditions.
  • Provides better aerodynamic performance by reducing air entrance for brake cooling.

Efficient when rainy:

  • MOTUL RBF 700 FACTORY LINE very high wet boiling point (205°C / 401°F) is superior to conventional brake fluids DOT 5.1 non-silicone base (180°C / 356°F mini) and DOT 4 (155°C / 311°F mini), and therefore enables to keep efficient braking in wet conditions.
  • Brake fluids tend to absorb humidity from the air, which reduce boiling point and increase the risk to get to “vapor lock” phenomena.
  • The wet boiling point is measured by humidifying the product with 3% of water.


  • Avoid mixing with polyglycol based brake fluids.
  • Do not mix with silicone (DOT 5 silicone base) or mineral base fluids (LHM).
  • Store brake fluid in its original container, tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption.
  • Aggressive chemical product if contact with hands, paint or varnish.
  • If skin contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

100% Synthetic fluid, polyglycol bases.
Color Amber
Dry boiling point 336 °C / 636.8 °F
Wet boiling point 205 °C / 401 °F
Viscosity at -40 °C (-40 °F) 1580 mm²/s
Viscosity at 100 °C (212 °F) 2.06 mm²/s

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Full Synthetic

Dry boiling point

336 °C / 636.8 °F

Wet boiling point

205 °C / 401 °F