Motul Inugel Optimal Ultra (concentrate)


Motul Inugel Optimal Ultra is a concentrated antifreeze with anti-corrosion and anti-freeze properties that protects an up to -37°C / -35°F. Nitrite free / Amine free / Phosphate free / Borate free / Silicate free.

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Motul Inugel Optimal Ultra (concentrate)

  • MOTUL INUGEL OPTIMAL ULTRA is a concentrated antifreeze that should be mixed with soft water for immediate use as a cooling liquid, based on monoethyleneglycol, using organic additives (AOT).
  • Strongly recommended for all cooling systems: passenger cars, heavy duty, construction and agriculture vehicles, gardening, ships, stationary engines …PERFORMANCES


  • Contains a bitterness agent to prevent from drinking: coolants and antifreezes have a sweet taste but are harmful.
  • Optimal protection of cooling systems against freezing and metallic parts against corrosion.
  • OAT coolant technology provides an excellent thermal exchange and therefore improves engine cooling efficiency and prevents from boiling.
  • This organic technology provides anti-corrosion properties that remain at high temperature and aging.
  • Low corrosion inhibitors consumption allows extended drain intervals. Water pumps protection, avoid cavitation.
  • Seals, hoses, pipes and plastic parts friendly.


  • Do not use pure product. Mix with soft water according to the required freezing protection: refer to chart
  • To maintain anti-corrosion properties, do not dilute below 33%.
  • Water for dilution: If possible use soft water: Maximum hardness 35°F and chlorides and sulfates maximum contain 500 ppm.
  • Drain intervals: Refer to the manufacturers’ recommendation.
  • Do not mix with non-organic products.
  • This product should not be used to protect drinking water systems against freezing.

Nitrite free, amine free, phosphate free, borate free, silicate free.
Color Visual Orange fluo
Density at 20°C / 68°F ASTM D4052 1.112
Boiling Temperature ASTM D1120 180°C / 356°F
Alkalinity Reserve ASTM D1121 6.2 mg KOH/g
Sulfated ashes ASTM D1119 1.1% weight


OEM Group  OEM  Specification
Cummins Cummins IS series & N14
Cummins Wärtsilä 32-9011
Daimler Mercedes-Benz MB 326.3
Detroit Diesel Detroit Diesel Power Cool Plus
Deutz Deutz 0199-99-1115 (2) (5)
Deutz / MWM Deutz / MWM 0199-99-2091 (4) (8)
Fiat Fiat FIAT 9.55523
Ford Ford WSS-M97B44-D
General Motors  ) Opel – GM GM 6277M (+B040 1065
General Motors Saab GM 6277M (+B040 1065)
General Motors Vauxhall QL 130100
General Motors  ) Vauxhall GM 6277M (+B040 1065
John Deere John Deere JDMH5
Komatsu Komatsu 07.892 (2007)
Liebherr Liebherr MD1-36-130
MAK MAK A4.05.09.01
MAN MAN 324 typ SNF
MAN MAN B&W AG D36 5600
Mazda Mazda MEZ MN 121 D
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi JQ07913-014
Paccar DAF 74002
Paccar Leyland Trucks DW03245403
Renault / Nissan Renault 41-01-001/–S Type D
Tata Motors Jaguar CMR 8229
Tata Motors Jaguar WSS-M97B44-D
Tata Motors Land-Rover WSS-M97B44-D
Ulstein Bergen Ulstein Bergen 2.13.01
Volvo AB Mack 014 GS 17009
Volvo AB Renault Trucks 41-01-001/–S Type D
Volvo AB Volvo Construction 128 6083 / 002
Volvo AB Volvo Trucks 128 6083 / 002
VW (VAG) Audi TL-774 D = G 12
VW (VAG) Audi TL-774 F = G 12+
VW (VAG) Seat TL-774 D = G 12
VW (VAG) Seat TL-774 F = G 12+
VW (VAG) Skoda TL-774 D = G 12
VW (VAG) Skoda TL-774 F = G 12+
VW (VAG) Skoda 61-0-0257
VW (VAG) Volkswagen TL-774 D = G 12
VW (VAG) Volkswagen TL-774 F = G 12+
Wärtsilä SACM Diesel DLP799861
Wärtsilä Wärtsilä 32-9011
BRB BR 637
ASTM Standards ASTM D3306 / D4656
British Standards BS 6580
FVV Standards Germany FVV Heft R443
Korean Standards KSM 2142
MIL Standards MIL-Belgium BT-PS-606 A
MIL Standards MIL-France DCSEA 615/C
MIL Standards MIL-Italy E/L-1415b
NATO Standards NATO S-759
UNE Standards UNE 26-361-88/1


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