Endless RF-650 Racing Brake Fluid


Endless RF-650 Racing Brake Fluid is used in Formula 1, WRC and Dakar Rally, yet is still available for the end-user desiring the highest performing brake fluid. RF-650 works as good in a street car as it does in a F1 car.

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Endless RF-650 Racing Brake Fluid

Within the circuit stages where the braking temperatures reach extremely high heat situations not encountered on the street, very stable performance characteristics can be achieved. Thanks to the high volocity and the even viscosity in our fluid the response in the brake system is very fast and precise regardless of the temperature. The low freezing point (-40 ºC) also makes RF-650 perfect for snow rallys. RF650 is becoming recognized as the highest-spec brake fluid around the world.

  • Non-silicone based brake fluid.
  • It is highly recommended for race meetings for its high boiling point and durability.
  • Equivalent to DOT 5
  • Dry Boiling Point: 323°C
  • Wet Boiling Point: 218°C
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